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Chris is an honest songwriter who writes from the perspective of today’s common being. Traveling all over this great land with former band mates, The Mammals, Merenda has used the power of music to communicate and become one with audiences near and far. From his home in the Berkshires, in Massachusetts, to the coast of Australia he has traveled, and that is only a warm up lap in his great musical journey. There is still a lot of ground to cover and plenty of songs waiting to be performed and heard. Merenda has produced two impressively diverse solo records, The Regimen in 2003 and more recently Hello Freedom in 2005. His highly anticipated double album titled The Wheel, is due to be released this winter with a tour in the works for the spring and summer of ‘09. Founder of Northeast sugar/thrash rock favorites, Chewy, and highly noted for his unforgettable, notoriously named Ska band, Skarotum, Merenda has been entertaining audiences for just under two decades now. Inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, J Mascis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Clash, John Lennon and Bob Marley, Merenda has songs to suit any occasion. With a banjo, guitar and a diverse group of musicians on hand to accompany him, Merenda is never predictable and always ready to put on a show.