About Buy This Fracking Album//

Movement Music Records Presents “Buy This Fracking Album”

[ar-tuh-vist] – People who push political agendas by the means of art. Anyone who has witnesses artists use the stage as a platform for activism understands the amplification of the power of these messages when they are delivered in song. Movement Music Records seeks to leverage the artists and performers who take advantage of their talent and stage opportunity to broadcast important messages to their audiences and infiltrate them into society at large.

Buy This Fracking Album is a compilation of artists who lend their voice to one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, hydrofracking, a method for extracting natural gasses from beneath the earths shale that often contaminates water causing harmful effects such as disease to plant, animal, and human life.

Artists contributing to album include:
Pete Seeger
Bonnie Raitt
Michael Franti
John Butler Trio
Steve Earle
Meshell Ndegeocello
Indigo Girls
DJ Logic
Tom Chapin
Rusted Root
Anti Flag
Josh Fox (Director of Gasland)
Rootz Underground
Marco Benevento and Dave Dreiwitz
Rebel Diaz
Moon Hooch
David Amram
Mike + Ruthy
Pony Boy
Thom Chacon
Chris Merenda
Kristen Graves
Eve Silber


Not only will you receive a record of the most influential artivists of the time, you’ll be a contributor in the development of our collective stance; that we reject this method for corporate advancement and place our value on the life of every individual in the present and future.

Both our artists and common people who have faced the disastrous effects of hydrofracking have given their time for interviewing and the development of the collective message. It is now up to us to compile this information and package it so that everyone may have the opportunity to advance it, thereby having impact on this issue.

Movement Music Records continues to support these artivists, ensuring their messages are heard across as many platforms as possible including small to large scale festivals, record production and distribution, and promotion. We recognize that we are not the solution but merely a bold force to ensure that the voice of artivists remain a significant fraction of the anti-fracking movement.

Proceeds of the release of Buy This Fracking Album will go to support various Anti Fracking organizations, among them is Food and Water Watch, and Marcellus Protest.

We are committed to help ending fracking and with your efforts here, we can make this a reality. Thank you for your support.

Movement Music Records